3 Things To Consider When Designing Custom Packaging For Your Subscription Service

Subscription services these days are all the rage. What could be more fun than getting a box full of goodies periodically from a company that you love? If you happen to be a business owner who is jumping on the proverbial subscription service bandwagon, custom packaging for your shipments is going to be part of what makes your endeavor a success. Before you start the design process, there are a few important questions that you should ask yourself to ensure the end result is just what your business needs. 

What is your brand identity?

This question is a biggie, and it is one that you should already know if you have a well-formed business. Brand identity is basically what it is about your business that keeps you as a recognizable entity in the eyes of your customers. Even with a subscription service, brand identity is important, so it is important that your packaging reflects your brand persona well. For example, if your subscription service is all about makeup, you're probably not going to want plain-jane packaging that doesn't really match up with the glam and sparkle of the makeup industry or your brand.

What will your customers expect to see?

Ranked right up there with brand identity, customer expectations are just as important. Brand identity is what makes you recognizable because your packaging will be relative to your brand. However, customer expectations are a bit different than that. Your packaging should not only portray your brand, but it should also fall right in line with what a recipient will expect to see in their mailbox from your brand. For example, a customer receiving a monthly subscription box filled with fishing tackle is going to be a bit put off by a shiny magenta envelope. 

How important is confidentiality with your product?

Confidentiality is not something that relates to all types of subscription services, but for certain types, it will mean everything to your customers. For instance, if your subscription service sends out feminine products, intimate toys, or personal hygiene products, confidentiality will be greatly appreciated. For you as a business owner in the process of creating custom packaging, this can take a little of the fun out of the process because packages will need to not reflect the brand as closely and be mostly ordinary. However, this kind of attention to detail will definitely make your personal-product subscription service more desirable for buyers. 

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