3 Tips To Help Protect Your Collectibles With Packing Them For Self-Storage

When you have a lot of collectibles and are moving or do not have space for them, self-storage may be the best solution. When storing collectibles, there are some special needs that you will want to pay attention to. Climate controlled facilities and good packaging will help preserve your collectibles. Here are some tips to help with protecting your collectibles when you pack them away in self-storage facilities:

1. Packing Collectibles in Packaging Materials and Boxes

The first thing you want to consider for your collectibles is packing them away in boxes. Make sure that you keep them protected from potential damage. Use packaging materials to protect the collectibles, but do not seal them up to where they cannot breathe. This will prevent mold and mildew from growing when moisture is trapped inside packing materials. Packaging services will be able to help you with the right type of packing to use for different types of materials, such as breathable materials for collectibles that are susceptible to mold and mildew. 

2. Climate Controlled Facilities and Protecting Collectibles from Moisture

With collectibles that are susceptible to damage from changes in temperature, moisture and the climate, you may want to consider a different type of storage facility. Climate controlled facilities will protect objects from changes in weather and the outside climate. Even if you have a climate controlled storage unit, you will still want to follow the same packing rules and not wrap things too tight where moisture can get in.

3. The Best Way to Store Boxes with Valuables to Prevent Damage

Storing your boxes in a storage unit is something that you will want to make sure is done correctly. First, it is a good idea to store valuables off the floor, so you may want to lay pallets on the floor for this. The pallets will keep everything off the floor and protect the objects from spills in adjacent units. In addition, store the boxes with collectibles in the back of the unit to keep them safe from damage and theft if the unit is broken into. Even if some of your collectibles are in packages, store them in boxes to make them easier to move around without damaging them, and to ensure they are labeled and easy to see. 

These are some packing tips that will help protect your collectibles when you pack them away in self-storage. When you need to safely store your possessions, contact a packaging service like Packaging Center Inc to help keep them safe. 

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