Mastering Online Sales: 3 Effective Ways To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Whether you sell products on popular auction websites, through social media, or on your own business website, there are a variety of things you can do to optimize customer satisfaction, and therefore increase your overall profits as your company grows. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to do just that:

Secure a Dedicated Shipping Service

Save yourself some time and enhance customer satisfaction by working with a dedicated shipping service that can do everything from packaging and scheduling shipments to tracking and delivery confirmation. All you should have to do is let the company know when you need to ship something so they can pick the item up, process it, and make sure it arrives at your customer as safely and soon as possible. Choose a company to work with that will provide you with regular analytical information and allow you to track each package you ship in real-time so you know where each of your products are at any given time and you can address customer inquiries about shipping if necessary.

Provide Real-Time Support Services

Providing real-time support services is another great way to impress customers and ensure their satisfaction before, during, and after making a purchase from you. If customers can contact you for immediate support when they have a question about a product they're thinking about buying, they may be more inclined to actually make a purchase when all is said and done.

Consider investing in real-time chat support software that you can plug into your website for instant communication with both current and potential customers. Create business hours for the chat support and post it on the site – you'll have to make sure that the software is turned on and manned during those hours. Alternatively, you can set up a dedicated email address that's monitored at specific times throughout the day in which customers can send questions or concerns and expect a reply within an hour.

Create and Manage a Follow-up System

Following up with your customers will assure them that you care about their end experience, and will allow them to provide you with valuable feedback that can help you improve your customer service in the future. You can use email automation service to automatically send emails to each customer after they make a purchase to ask them about their overall experience. Just gather customer emails, plug them into our email automation account, and you'll be ready to send follow-ups with just a couple clicks of your mouse.  

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