4 Simple Tips For Packing Items You'Re Going To Send Via A Freight Company

If you need to ship items via a freight company for your business, you need to make sure that your correctly and securely pack all items that you need to ship. Here are a few simple and quick packing tips that will help you ensure that your packages make it to their destination safe.

#1 Limit Internal Movements

First, you need to make sure that you limit internal movement inside of the box of the item that you are shipping. The best way to limit internal movements is by putting padding around your item. Foam wrapping, bubble warp and newspaper are all good materials to use to limit the internal movement of your items.

#2 Wrap Up Each Items

Second, if you are shipping multiple items, make sure that you take the time to wrap them up individual inside of the box. This will help protect each individual item inside of your box and will help ensure that if one item is damaged, not all items inside of your box are damaged. Individually wrapping each items inside of a box will help prevent internal movement and damage as well.

#3 Use Two Boxes

Another way to ensure that your package is safe is by using two boxes. Using an inner box to pack the items in, and then place one or more inner box instead of an extra sturdy outer box. Using two boxes will increase the protection around your item. Additionally, if your box gets hit or damaged any way while in transits, with two boxes, hopefully the damage will be focused on the external box and the internal box will be protected and not sustain any damage.

Just make sure that you put packaging around the inner box so that it doesn't rattle around inside of the outer box. You want to minimize movement between these two boxes as well.

#4 Use The Right Tape

Make sure that you use the right tape on the packaging. Do not use general tape like you would inside of your home. Instead, use strong packing tape. Make sure that you take down the opening of the box with a couple of layers of tape. You should also tape around all the edges of the box. The edges of the box are the weakest part of the box; taping them down will help strengthen the edges of the box and ensure that your box isn't opened or damaged if hot or punctured. 

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