How To Label Hazardous Waste For Shipping

If your business works with hazardous material, it is essential that all of your hazardous material is labeled correctly for shipping in order to make sure that the material is not harmed nor is anyone who handles your material during the shipping process. 

Placement Of Hazardous Waste Labels

If you have a container or package that containers hazardous materials, it is vital that the package is labeled correctly. This will ensure that everyone who comes in contact with the package takes the proper precautions to protect themselves against becoming harmed by its contents.

All hazardous material labels should be placed where they are clearly visible. They should not be placed next to other markings on the container. They should stand out on their own and nothing else should distract from the labels.

Hazardous material labels should never be placed on the bottom of a container where they are not likely to be seen. 

Placement Of Multiple Hazardous Material Labels

If you need to place more than one hazardous material label on your container, you need to place the labels right next to each other with no more than a couple of inches between each label so that they do not overlap one another.

You should also list the labels in the order of their importance. The most important label that most accurately describes the contents inside of the container should be placed first. The labels should be placed in descending order from left to right, just like you read text.

The Three Primary Hazard Material Labels

You should always print out and use hazardous material labels that were created and approved by the Department of Transportation or DOT. Here are the few of the most common hazard waste labels:

  • Flammable Liquid: This label is used on any liquid material that could easily catch on fire. This label is a red diamond with a fire symbol on top and the words "FLAMMABLE LIQUID" printed in capital letters across the middle of the label.
  • Poison: This label is used on any materials that could be poisonous to any degree. These labels are generally white. The label has a skull with two bones crossed underneath it on the top of the diamond and the word "POISON" on it.
  • Dangerous: Any item that could be dangerous in any capacity has a blue label with a flame on top and the words "DANGEROUS" across the middle. The label is a medium hue of blue.

Make sure that you are properly trained on how to ship any hazardous materials that your business generates. If you are not sure of how to properly ship hazardous materials, contact your local shipping provider and see if they can offer your business detailed training on how to package and label hazardous materials. For more information, contact the professionals at companies like Pak Mail

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